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"Dude, Strange Things Are A Foot At The Circle K" [entries|friends|calendar]
Bond...James Bond

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No more AVP as of Friday...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! [06 Sep 2004|02:43pm]
Alien vs. Predator has been knocked down to 1 showing at the movie theater I work at, it has been given the kiss of death, on Friday when Resident Evil opens, it will be gone. Let us all bow our heads in silence for our fallen movie.

But look on the bright side, the quicker the movie leaves the Theaters, the quicker we can see the directors cut on DVD!!!
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[03 Aug 2004|01:10am]
Sorry I haven't updated this comm lately, I fixed the backround I didn't know It was looking like that, and I didn't know I had so many members, but I will keep this comm going because of the hype. I've been so busy working I had no idea people were still on my board. But I will try and post more on this awesome ass movie!!! Since it's so close to opening night. I work at a Movie theatre and I will get to see the film at least two days before it comes out, so when I see the movie I will make sure to let everyone know how It was(I promise I won't give anything away) From what I see of the trailers, it looks pretty good, but i will never get my hopes up for a film again if this sucks, The Village already Fucking dissappointed me, so i don't want to go in with high hopes, but my expectations from the trailer tell me i wont leave feeling let down.

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HULK DVD [11 Jul 2003|03:57am]
What would you like to see on the HULK DVD?
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Hulk Movie [23 Jun 2003|10:59am]
I'm off to see the HULK this Morning, I've heard some good and bad things about it but i'm sure I'll like it.
All those critics like are movies about retarded people, so i'm not going to listen to their opinions
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The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers Poster [19 Dec 2002|05:44pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I Really like this Poster

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[12 Dec 2002|12:03am]


brought to you by Quizilla
Which of Ahree's favourite movies are you?

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What Slasher Movie Killer Are You?

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Which Movie are you?

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Survey [11 Dec 2002|01:17am]
[ mood | angry ]

Time? 1:17

General Facts
1) Name on birth certificate? James Daniel, M
2) Birthday? Jan 12, 1984
3) Height? 5'8
4) Eye color? Brown
5) Hair color? Dark brown
6) Hometown? VA
7) Birthplace? Berlin, Germany
8) School? Homeschooled
9) Screename(s)? KydaJD
10) Email address?KydaJD
11) Do u have a website? To Lazy to make one
12) Nicknames? Boy, Dumbass
13) Siblings? two sisters (Jamie, Cassidy) and One brother-in-law. (Jeremy)
14) Zodiac Sign? Capricorn
15) Phone #? none of your business
16) Address? ****************************
17) Make up? Uh I'm a "Guy"
18) Do u tan or sunburn in summer? Tan
19) Religion? christian
20) Church? sometimes I go.

18) Quote? "Just Win Baby!"
19) Type of music? ROCK!!!!
20) Book? Harry Potter, Bruce Coville Books, LOTR
21) Ice Cream? Vannila and Choclate
22) Color? Black & Silver
23) Number? 80
24) Sport? FootBall!!!!!
25) Celebrity? Too many to name
26) Vacation Spot? Lake anna, VA
27) Soda? Mountain Dew Code Red
28) Food? Mac'n Cheese
29) Fast Food? KFC, Wendys, McD's,Taco Bell
30) Radio Station? DC 101
31) Breakfast Food? ?????
32) Candy? Lifesaver Fruit chews
33) Music Group? Mettalica
34) Song? Dreams
35) Jeans Brand? ?????????
36) Clothes Brand? Uhhhh
37) Shoes Brand? Reebok
38) Scent? Uhhhh
39) Animal? Uhhh
40) Hangout? Friends house
41) Chips? Cheetos
42) Game? The Two Towers PS2
43) Soundtrack(s)? SPIDER-MAN, Joe Dirt
44) Movie(s)? SPIDER-MAN, Harry Potter, LOTR,Men In Black 1&2,The PageMaster
45) TV show(s)? Dexter's Laboratory, He-Man, TransFormers, WWE, etc
46) Season? Summer

47) Do you have AOL Instant Messager? yeah
48) If so...how many ppl are on your buddy list? Uhhhh
49) Pets? lots of cats, two dogs, Buffy or Buford, and Tippy Tayo.
50) Any words or phrases you overuse? Fuck
51) If u could have one wish, what would it be? Nobodys going to grant my wishes so WHO CARES!!!!

How Do U Feel About...
52) Bill Clinton? Stupid M.F-er!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
53) Abortion? Murder
54) Rap? depends
55) Alternative? again it depends
56) Country? hate it.
58) Authority? needed

59) Do u have a g/f? Nope
60) If so...how long have you been going out?
61) Ever been in love? no

63) 1st thing you notice about the opposite sex? they're Boobs
64) Turnoffs? Bad hygiene
65) What don't you care for in the opposite sex?I don't know
66) Deaf/Blind? Blind
67) Pool/Hot tub? Hot Tub
68) Coke/Pepsi? Pepsi
69) Sunrise/Sunset? Sunrise
70) Fast/Slow Dance? fast dance
71) Day/Night? Day
72) Baseball/football? FOOTBALL!!!!!
73) Burger King/McDonald's? mcdonald's
74) Dr. Pepper/Mountain Dew? Mountain Dew
75) Sprite/7up? sprite
76) Christmas/Easter? christmas
77) How many pillows do u have? 4
78) Piercings? my ear
79) Bedtime? Don't have one
80) Most humiliating moment? ????
81)Do u get along w/ your parents? yeah
82) Pochacco/Keropi/Hello Kitty/Badzu Martu? Why are you asking me this?
83) Sony/Panosonic? Sony
84) Dog/Cat? NO!!!!!
85) Black/White? Black
86) Shampoo and Conditioner? shampoo
87) Best Friend(s)? Chris, Earl, Sean, Cassidy, Jeremy,
My Dad and Mom, Jamie
88) MTV/VH1? MTV
89) Backstreet Boys/NSync? If i have to pick i guess the Backstreet Boys
90) Partier/Calm/Inbetween? Don't ask
91) Nick Carter/Justin Timberlake? Uhhh

Have You Ever...
92) Smoked? yes
93) Taken other drugs? nope
94) Done anything illegal? nope
95) Failed a subject? nope
96) Been to a foreign country? nope
97) Had a pet? lots
98) Moved? Can't say
99) Cheated on your b/f / g/f? nope
100) Won an award? yep
101) Beaten n-e 1 up?yes
102) Gotten beaten up? Hell yes
103) Played strip poker? NO!!!
104) Broken the law? no
105) Ran away? Kinda
106) Cheated on a test? no
107) Gone skinny dipping? never!
108) Drank? Sometimes
109) Broken a bone? The cartilage between my ribs
110) Kicked n-e 1 in the balls? No Thanks

Do You Believe In...
111) Magic? Nope
112) Love at first sight? Don't know yet
113) God? yes
114) Heaven? yes
115) Hell? NO!! Thank GOD
116) Unicorns? What am i Crazy!!
117) Horoscopes? Two words Miss Cleo!
118) Ghosts? Hope not
119) Youself? Depends
120) Aliens? Yes

About the Opposite Sex
121) Have any regrets? What?
122) Must have personality traits? Outgoing
123) Things u love most about guys/girls? ???
The Last Time I...
124) Took a shower? tonight
125) Ate? I don't know....
126) Drank? Drinking code red right now
127) Cried? I don't know
128) Laughed? today
129) Brushed your teeth? today
130) Talked on the phone? couple hours ago
131) Talked on instant messager? ????
132) Had a good time w/ friends? today
133) Slept till 12 on saturday morning? huh?
134) Got straight A's? kindergarten? I don't remember that!!
135) Failed a test? don't remember

136) What CD's are in your CD player rite now? SPIDER-MAN Soundtrack
137) How was your day? Fun
138) Homework? Duh! I'm HomeSchooled
139) Who do you seek advice from? Depends
140) Friend ever moved away moved from you? Yes
141) Who has it easier, guys or gurls? Uhhh
142) Makes you laugh the hardest? Depends
143) Has a crush on you? MY STALKER!!!!!Don't Ask
144) Have a crush on? I don't have Crushes
145) Dispise? DENVER BRONCOS
146) Love? Still Waiting
147) Have the most fun with? My Family and Friends
148) Loudest person? Dad
149) Most hyper? ME
150) Biggest giggler? Cassidy
151) Can you trust a secret with? Mom, Dad, Jeremy
152) Marriage? Yeah
153) Kids? We'll see
154) College? maybe
155) Job? well,yeah
157) Where to live? ???
158) Tattoos?maybe

159) What do u think of the person who sent you this?Don't Ask :)
160) Best thing that happened today? Hmmmm.....
Time finished? 2:03

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